Carbs Blocker - White Kidney Bean / Energetically Programed Audio

Most starch blockers are made from a bean derivative — the most common is the white kidney bean extract known as Phaseolus vulgaris.
White kidney bean extracts work by blocking your body from producing the enzyme needed to digest starches.

Once the white kidney bean extract blocks amylase from breaking down those complex carbs you eat, the food will pass right through your digestive tract without being broken down into simple carbohydrates.

Listen 1-2 times. Effect time: around 12 hours


Will this cause any digestive distress?

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Awesome Maitreya.
Now I can pasta and pizza with no regret.


Thanks @Mandalo

My digestion is poor, so was making sure that not digesting starch causes any problems.

Of course it will cause digestive distress. You eat complex carbs and they’re not broken down and they’re not absorbed as sugars they will just ferment and how much endotoxin and distress it will cause depends on the condition of you intestines (ph and bacteria of your intestines, tight junctions condition, strength of muscles etc). In good situation they ferment in to butyrates.


My bad for not mentioning that about fermetation, but I think it’s safe if you listened 1-2 days a day in some specific carbs when you eat carbs from time to time.
If you had some problems by using this blocker, you could use Sapien Med Full Detox which clean your intestines for the fermentation you say.
I have a sensitive digestive system, tried this yesterday 2x and so far no problems.

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I recommend if you any problem with this listen to Sapien med or rife frequencies.
You have a lot on Youtube.

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I didn’t quite understand what this field is for …

@Mandalo summarized it very well :slight_smile:

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does that mean I don’t have a belly?

Hi everyone. I have really poor digestive issues and many food intolorances. My diet consists of a lot of rice as it seems to not set off as many symptoms and issues as other foods would.

Would this field be something I should definitely try out and help to not put on weight from the rice?

Thank you to anyone who could help me with my question x

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This is not for food intolerances, you should check the cause first to address it propperly

I know, I was only stating that I eat a lot of rice (carbs) because of my many food intolorances. For some reason, rice agrees with me when so many other foods (almost everything) does not.

I’ve had so many tests done and gastroscopies, and all come back fine besides when I go to check my intolorances and allergies with a homeopath and all foods come back as an intolerance. It’s quite debilitating, that’s why I asked @Maitreya for the field or Mandala I submitted to the games.

Here you will find my post.
I feel many of these would benefit many people. I don’t have the financial resources to be purchasing so many supplements every week/month and I’m sure many others would be in the same boat as myself. I’ve tried it for years to keep up with all the supplements which I have been told to take but it can be very hard.

Try reading the description of “Healing Chamber”

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For health stuff better post it in the normal field requests thread, the creative game rules states not health or physical stuff.

Oh I must have missed that. I’m new to the forum so still trying to take everything in and get used to it. So much more to learn.

It sounds amazing. I will see what the comments say but I feel like it would be very beneficial for me (and everyone) I will definitely purchase it and for such a great price. Thank you.

Anyway. Do you feel this field will be good for someone who eats rice almost everyday?

No problem, we are here to help