Can you Create a shorter version of an audio?

Update: I realized that I don’t actually need a shorter version of the reality note program, but a shorter version of the download books knowledge would be great thanks! I would prefer 10mins. <3

Hello @Maitreya , I had recently bought two audios, and their programs are 2 hours long each. I was wondering if you could or already have a much shorter version as its much more easy for the people using it.
It was the Download books knowledge, and the reality note (SR V4). I was not aware of the length of the Reality Note when I saw it on gumroad and was surprised, and a shorter version of the download books knowledge would be great ( I did see it was 120 min on gumroad for that one).
A shorter version I have in mind, would like 10 minutes each. Considering It isn’t necessary we listen to the whole audio. That way i don’t have 4 hours of playlist time consumed. It kind of a problem I may consider not using them because of it. I would do it myself but i don’t want to ruin quality.
Whatever is possible. thanks in advance. Its okay if you cannot.

You don’t listen to the whole 2 hours. You only have it on while writing in your reality note.


yes , i know. but if I want to play it at night while I sleep. I cannot change it to the next track if im sleeping. @Taylach001

Why would you want to do that? That’s not the point of it.

yeah the point is to use it while you write, but it doesnt take long to write. I dont get exposed much to the audio. so i rather use it for a bit when i sleep. And be exposed to the audio when I sleep, that way i have control of how long It plays if it gets cut shorter. @Taylach001

i read somewhere ,dont sleep with the audio of reality note

Maybe i am asking for too much.

I saw “Best used before going to bed or overnight since our brain is not active at that time and the mind can be programmed easily” for the reality note @Kaworu02

thats the writing part while playing the audio

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ohhhh @Kaworu02

Got it

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@Kaworu02 thanks

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try to read that thread at least twice, you might get some nice idea for using the RNote

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Oh no… I just learnt about it… I have been keep this in loop for over several months, even when I was asleep… :persevere:

At least I know right now, have been sleeping with it over several months…

I guess if it’s working for you… then it’s a win ?

Interesting is that, even when I just played the audio alone without writing anything every time, I still feel some physical tingling (I did put in some physical change and skin improving affirmations there), that is why I thought I needed to play it very often…
And now I know I need not to… :flushed::flushed:
Super good news for me…

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