Can I use this stack?

Hi guys,

Im new to energy field and Maitreya Field. I still not have result yet, but i can sense and feel the tingling in my body so i guess it work.

My goal is to be more masculine and taller, i also wanna quit porn and drug addiction. So this is my stack:

  1. Field booster.
  2. Quantum booster.
  3. Taller Formula.
  4. Greek God beauty.
  5. Dopamine repair.
  6. Bramahcarya God.

I listen to this stack 2 times a day (except booster only once per day). So what do u guy think about this and do u have any suggestions? Many thanks :heart_eyes:

yeah sure, but i think you dont need 2 boosters, select the most comfortable one for you and abort the other one and one more suggestion i can give that if wanna look muscular instead of using the greek god beauty u should try the hercules demigod field…


Many thanks :heart_eyes:,

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