Can aura be manipulated🤔

So I’ve done a research on that of what an aura is comprised of and it makes me wonder if the atomic tap(though made up of electrons an atom may be) may be able to align in such a way that may become non Newtonian like impenetrable(via gun fire/explosion or injection) Imagine that you could have your aura aligned in such a way that it rests millimeters above your skin and(if your clothes were tight enough) only your cape will get destroyed lol
Side note also if your able simply tap into this on a psychic(reflex) level than the atomic tap would maybe be a moot point…?:thinking:


I just want what you smoke friend, I say, to tune in lmao :rofl:

I’m pretty sure you can. Your aura is your electromagnetic field and you have two of them; one from the brain and one from the heart. They are extensions of consciousness/soul and the mind. If you control your mind and soul, you control your aura.