Bulk Agent vs. Ultimate God Body

Heyo amazing people!

I’ve read through everything the search function fetched about both of those fields and I am still not entirely sure about it.
My main goal is simply to gain and retain a good amount of muscle (slim guy, athletic build, healthy T levels I guess) - so both of those fields seem like a good, obvious choice.

At the moment I’m not working out because

  1. I’m giving my wrist some time to heal. (Any field recommendations for that? It’s my main issue in life rn)
  2. As I never feel a single thing from any field from any creator (neither any soreness after 10 x loops of automated workout fields) I’m in my experimenting phase and really curious if I can achieve any muscle growth without actually working out but just playing automated workout fields. In my books THAT would be an amazing achievement.

Now, I do feel that those two fields complement each other quite well (?) but I’m a bit cautious of possibly overdoing the testosterone (or something else), as both of them give quite an intense T boost:
BA - “High Pure Testosterone booster (Huge Effect like a real high dose testosterone shot)”
UGB - “It will boost Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, igf-1 and Growth Hormone to superhuman levels.”

It seems they both have a safety feature built in, but I’m still wary of overdoing the T or other.
What say you? Would it maybe be better not to stack em, or would you say one of them makes the other (almost) obsolete, or…? I’d be really happy for any thoughts on this.
I’m intending to get both of the Gumroad versions.

Thanks and smiles and winks!

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I started using both of those fields 2 days ago, but it may be too early to speak on results. Hopefully someone on this forum can share their personal results after long term use.

If you haven’t tried Binaural nutritions tracks, you may want to experiment with his super mdrol binaural. That has been one of the best quick muscle building tracks I have used so far. I’m stacking it with the 2 fields you mentioned. I’ll be updating results within a week or so.

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Thanks a lot for your reply, even though I’ve only found it now :grin: Been a bit absent from online things recently.

Interestingly enough I just came back to the forum to search for opinions on Binaural Nutrition, as I had stumbled upon and gotten a good feeling from them.

Now I’m curious to hear how you’ve been over the past three weeks. Any progress or further insights?

I appreciate it,
Cheers :slight_smile:

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