Greek God Series vs God of Gods Body

What is the difference between the two? The God of the Gods audio seems to include everything the 3 Greek Series audios do, right?

Any experience with these two?

They are all different if you compare the descriptions. In some of the fields some elements can be the same but if you want to cover everything you need to listen to all 4. That’s what I do.


Thanks Jaaj, have you seen any result from these fields? How many times do you listen to them?

Yes, they work good. I listened to each (3 of the 4 I have purchased) daily for 2 weeks and there where some good improvements in weightloss, cleaner skin and overall looking more healthy. Not all of the hundreds of mentioned effects are here yet. I guess this is because most physical changes take quite some time. But at least they are possible! Without the fields all you have is workout and healthy nutrition.


Thanks @JAAJ

These are 4 audios in total, right? 3 God Series + 1 God of Gods.

Sorry to bug you :slight_smile: - how many times did you listen to each audio in a day? :pray:

I listen:

3x Greek God Masculine Body (The golden Era Champagne) - PURCHASED 10 $
1x The Ultimate God Body - PURCHASED 30 $
3x Greek God Testosterone (The Golden Era Testosterone)
3x Hercules - The Demigod - Advanced Muscular Development Field - PURCHASED 10 $
3x Natural Grow Taller Booster – HGH + Reopen Growth Plates PURCHASED
3x Hunter Eyes
3x Warrior Skull
3x Youthful skin without skin change PURCHASED
3x PART 1 Activation Youth and Vitality Chromosomes - Anti - Aging
3x Maitreya - Ver. 02 Activation of Chromosomes Mitochondria

…all in random order

Also I do the boosters before I listed to it:

Permanent Results Integrator PURCHASED
Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster Amplifier PURCHASED
Fields Booster + Increased Energy Sensitivity PURCHASED

There is also stuff and boosters from Sapien and Spirituality Zone in my playlist which I did not mention above. The above is all from Maitreya.

Like any good playlist, it consists of these 3 creators and sometimes also with some professional subliminal makers.

Anyways, my listening stacks are always too long :sweat_smile:


Awesome!!! Thanks @JAAJ this is very helpful.

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hey do you know the difference this from only youthful skin? @JAAJ

Yes, the difference in those two fields is that in “skin change” version you also get a bronze tan.


You are welcome mate. Which country are you based by the way? Your settings do not allow for private messages…

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hey thankss…i have been listening wrongly all these times…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Im in the US.

I don’t know what I changed lol let me message you…

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Where is the god of the gods? I dont see it, im curious :joy:

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It’s here:

or here:

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Oh thanks, is other name

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