DM: Bulk Agent


Since some of the (all?) Gumroad fields have been moved onto mandalas I’m now intrigued to know more about how to go about using them.
Generally speaking I know how they work, but specifically with the Bulk Agent mandala; how would one use it? I’ve been carrying it along with me all day (alongside the God of Gods Body one and a bunch more from which I haven’t felt any effects so far) and somehow expected to feel tired, sore, more exhausted than usually (due to the automated workout) but I don’t. Do I need to activate it somehow or am I simply not sensitive enough to actively feel its effects? I know I’m not energy sensitive, now, I am curious to see whether or not the automated workout will have a noticeable effect on my body after about a week or so of carrying it around 12+ hours a day.

Anyone got any experiences with this one so far?
Thanks and cheers! :slight_smile:

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All are mandalas now.
This is the energetic equivalent of what is in the description. The field will send information to your aura, but it will not affect your physical body like you’d do it yourself. It shouldn’t exhaust you in the same way. But too much energy work can affect you physically. Too many fields for example. So you can take a break from it. Just read your reactions.
It takes some time for the body to transform from information that is in your aura.


It seems like the question I wanted to ask has kind of been answered here but I would like to be sure.
I have been listening to bulk agent on YT with good results but it makes me really tired and sore (not energy overwhelm tired, just sleepy). I am wondering if I should listen less, like every other day or if I’d better get the mandala and use that instead. Which do you think would be better to limit the soreness and fatigue? Listen to the audio less frequently or switch to the mandala?

try muscles recovery

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Thanks. Do you think I should try that instead or listen to it after Bulk Agent?

After, if it’s body soreness.
Also, if you feel tired, try DM:three treatment or audio on patreon.

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Thank you. Can’t find three treatment. Did you mean three treasures?

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Do you do workouts or just listen to audio? Sometimes when you work with physical fields you need ad a bit of physical exercise. It not only will help you to get results faster but also remove exceeding energy that you have after listening.

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Ah, yes, it’s three treasure. Sorry, there was a mistake in my typing

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I hit the gym 5 times a week. It may have been the opposite (maybe I worked out too much hehe). Anyways do the DM and the audio make you equally sore and tired or is there a difference?

YouTube audios vs Boosted Mandalas

Audio fields have different energy than mandalas. Mandalas are designed to work 24/7, and they are 3x stronger.

The fields on YouTube are felt more strongly than mandalas due to the different frequencies. The farther your frequency is from the field, the harder it is to feel it. This means the results can be faster achievable, and permanent integration into the energy system can be quicker.

Boosted versions work with higher vibrations, more on the etheric body, so the person who uses them must be very energy-sensitive to be able to feel them. It doesn’t mean the field is not working if you don’t feel sensations.

So it’s hard to predict. You can support your body with this, as @Peninsula-Iron-Box suggested:

I would say a bit of rest will not hurt :slight_smile: If you hit the gym and hit your body with fields, it can be exhausting.