Bests partners

Good afternoon dear friends of the forum, what audios would you recommend me to find the best work partners? I am referring to the ideal people to partner with in new projects, new investments and new businesses. People with an abundance and prosperity mentality. What would be the stack of audios that I should listen to? I am open to various authors. thanks and blessing to all.

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You have a specific goal in hand?
There are audios out there but if you want I can suggest you an item for best possible outcome for anything

You can listen to Gate of Abundance, Millionaire series on the youtube channel, as well as those mandalas:


Increase your vibration with the fields you feel are alright for you, Vega already suggested good ones. And then give your intentions to find the best partners you need. If you have more time, describe them - what you want, expect. If you have Reality Note - you can write this there.