Balance the 5 elements DM description

I remembered seeing a post announcing the availability of this DM, but I can’t find it now. The product page on the stores has only a single line of description. Can someone provide the full product description as I’m interested in buying this? Thanks, and have a wonderful day!


Yeah it’d be nice to have a full dynamic explaination of what this Mandala does, with a lot more info-detail about it. shure would be nice. Also theres a new Post in the store right next to Balance the 5 Elements in the Body, titled " Private Listing" with no other info at all ,so far. Huh? its 77$… are these private Mandala Listings that are ONLY accesible thru buying the listing or something entirely different? Wondering?
Earth Keeper,hope we both get our answers to these mysteries :slight_smile:

This field will balance the five elements within your body.

The Five Elements

In Chinese philosophy, The Five Elements are also known as Wu Xing. are considered the foundation of everything in the universe and all natural phenomena. They generate and destroy each other in a particular order and each one carries specific virtue, character qualities and physical effects.

The Five Elements are metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The generative cycle is: Metal generates water, water nourishes wood, wood feeds fire, fire creates earth/ash, earth bears metal.

The destructive cycle is: Fire melts metal, metal chops wood, wood break up earth, earth absorbs water, water quenches fire.

The virtues that each element produces are as follows: Wood-Benevolence, Fire-Propriety, Metal-Righteousness, Water-Wisdom, Earth-Fidelity.

The quantity and expression of each element determines the character of the person as well as their physical and mental health. The Wood in the person is traditionally believed to create one’s faith-if they are going to be lowly or noble. It also gives expressions such as-flourishing, blooming, brilliant, etc. Fire will determine one’s strength or softness and one’s bravery, influence and intensity. Metal is responsible for the life span, longevity, dangers and difficulties. Water is responsible for talent, being wise or not, represents the mind, brings accuracy. Earth determines the status-if one is going to be rich or poor. It represents the birth and growth or things.

In the physical body the elements are responsible for different organs. Metal rules the lungs, large intestine, nose and the spicy taste. Wood rules the liver, gall bladder, eyes and the taste sour. Water rules the kidneys, urinary bladder,ears and the salty taste. Fire rules the heart, small intestine, tongue and the taste bitter.

The Elements also have corresponding emotions and each emotions determines the health of the organ related to it: Happiness-heart; Anger-liver; Worry-spleen; Panic-kidney; Sadness-lung. Negative emotions can damage the corresponding organ.

This field has been designed to determine the exact ratio of your natural balance of the five elements and bring them back to their perfect state. Each person is unique and will have differently developed and expressed elements and this is kept as is and respected. Only the deviations of the natural state are balanced and corrected so as to achieve perfect mental, physical and spiritual health.