AutomaTic thoughts?

Hi friends, does anyone have any ideas on how to get certain thoughts regarding a past experience and resulting fearful thoughts regarding a rather unlikely situation in the future out of my system?
I use ho’oponopono, the art of letting go, violet flame and now Fohat. But for months I have been tormented by fearful thoughts, even though they are very, very unlikely to happen… However, thoughts also have a certain power :see_no_evil:
I also own subsc. Connector and Infinitely repeater.

Would it perhaps be possible to install some kind of program for me, with which I can let go of the unwanted thoughts immediately and permanently? Unfortunately I do not have money for the Mindcontrol mandala. I have already tried several formulations.
For example: I let go of every thought immediately and permanently if I want to, but I can’t get it installed…
Every day the same, it sucks and I feel sorry for my loved ones.
Thank you for your thoughts and have a great weekend!

Let go of fear overthinking and worries

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I’ve had OCD since I was 12 years old. I guarantee I’ve had more of these thoughts for a longer time and about worse things than you have. I say this not to try to compare our situations or make it seem like you haven’t struggled, my point is more that if you’re concerned about intrusive thoughts manifesting, my repeated experience has been that they never do. For years and years and years they never have even one single time for me, and I have had terrible, terrible intrusive thoughts and unpleasant states and all sorts of terrible mental images and ideas.

The solution is to just let them be there. Accept that your thoughts aren’t you. Let them come and go without judging them or reacting to them. They aren’t you. They’re thoughts. They don’t define you or predict what will happen. Trust me, if my thoughts or even states or beliefs were always an accurate indicator of what would happen, I would not be in this world anymore many times over. As someone still going through it who has gone through it for a long time, the solution is not to let go of every thought immediately and permanently…

I mean think about it, you’re trying to force it. You’re trying to get it over with instead of just accepting the obvious. If your thoughts were going to do that bad thing, they would have already. You have to accept that life isn’t always pleasant. Sometimes it sucks. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, I mean that if you take those thoughts and the states that result from them and let them suck, and don’t fight them, and don’t try to make them go away faster, they’ll go away. And on the other side you’ll see that nothing bad happened.

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Thank you so much :dizzy:

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You’re welcome. One more thing. Don’t do this compulsively but try thinking a positive and good thought that is the opposite of the thing you’re worried about. Now tell yourself it’s just as powerful as the bad one, because it is. This is just a little extra something to help if you’re in a bad spot, but for the most part you should be fine just letting them go. I’ve been convinced I was dying for weeks before and I’ve seen a lot of other people online who have had the same experience. For two years I thought I would harm my partner with my thoughts and I didn’t. Have a good one. :slight_smile:


Have you tried this?


Thanks for your answers and the link! Haven’t tried it. Your story man, thank you, conscious acceptance and knowing and letting be, yes!

Reminds me of, if you force healing you can wait