Audio Making Course

Hey Maitreya,

I know this is something you probably have been bothered with loads, but do you reckon a course on how to make these fields is possible? Or would it be too dangerous to let people make this kind of stuff.



I thought of asking this (about making a course) when the channel started but I didn’t ask it. Now you posted a topic on this. I think you got the same idea because its in the field and we are all connected to it as gregg brayden says🙂

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I think we should wait few years. Because the channel is not popular yet . Who would enroll in the course.

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You see… it would not be a course for sell or to earn huge money , cause if its done for money… then any people can buy that and learn to create fields but if they have evil intentions then its boomed… so , only some selected people should be enrolled in the field which maitreya could interview herself , and after that those chosen ones will carry the legacy of maitreya fields and the future of energy works for the betterment of the mankind…

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Very true amigo

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I mean If the channel is not popular. Then there would be no students. And also she is not doing this for money I think. She is trying to help people by providing something useful.


Of it will be her kids who will pass on her legacy. Her kids are so lucky


And also a course maitreya has to interact with them daily and clear all their doubts etc. It requires lot of time and effort. So course will take longer.


We are planning to do it in end of 2021, but who knows. :slight_smile:


Take it maitreya and create a course for us,


heeee, lol , just kidding

but we will be waiting for your courses…




think about the possibility of doing this for other languages ​​too, I’m from Brazil and I’m extremely interested in these matters, being honest with you, here in Brazil almost nobody knows these fields, or morphic fields… energy programming…

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yes I completely agree, a written version (PDF), could help translations easier with Google translate.

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!!! Just see this message today. I will start to save money for the course and furthrr prepare myself by silence my mind more!!

Wooo this is an exciting message to see at the beginning of 2021!!


why would they create a course that just means less people listen to her fields lets just leave it to the experts

Waiting in Anticipation of this.

I have some aspirations regarding how to utilize morphic fields specifically for intelligence enhancement, especially with an explosion of research in this area (intelligence) morphic fields could prove to be a complete game changer

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Welcome. Yeah, only thing is, I don’t think these are morphic fields

They aren’t morphic fields but energetic fields.

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It would be awesome to have a course for this.
Looking forward!