"Athletes" field

Last year, for couple of months I subscribed for Patreon membership. Due to government policy change , payments were ending with failures/errors.

While, I was accessing Patreon membership. I had downloaded all fields and DM in that time.

Now I have this file with me, with name " athletes " with time: 5:03 and size 7.3mb.
I am not sure, on it’s description and benefits. can anyone please tell me about this field ?

Thank you

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Feb 8, 2021 at 5:34 PM

Massage Relaxation

A Massage , Cupping , Acupuncture Therapy Field for muscles , trigger points , tight muscles , myofascial release
A field that will give a strong deep tissue massage effect , cupping effect , acupuncture therapy to all the meridians of the body , trigger and myofascial release
Will regenerate , heal , and release all muscle issues , tension and relax them to ideal state (fresh and renew) and give proper flexibility again
Reduce all the stress , tension , toxicity from muscles and , increase Qi (chi) and reduce the pain
A field that will give you the ideal relaxation

There was question about name of file answered:

it’s correct, you can change it if you want


Thank you

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