Aesthetic Female Body - Bodybuilding Series

This audio is programmed to reduce testosterone and increase estrogen for around 24-48 hours.

It will burn unwanted fat and help build muscle mass. With that you will get nice and soft little bronze skin tanning.

The audio will balance cortisol levels and improve glands, organs to superhuman level. Whole physical body and aura are filled with unconditional love and energy boost.

Sugar addiction is cut with changing subconscious beliefs and healing to pancreas and liver.


I think what this field is supposed to achieve is really good, especially the part with sugar addiction, if only this music wasn’t so hectic and nerve-wracking. This is the first field where I really don’t like the music.
:grimacing: I wish the field was silent.

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Listen at a low volume with a relaxing noise like water or something you like, the audio will work even at low volume.


Thanks, I could have come up with the idea myself. How was that with the forest that you can’t see for all the trees. :flushed: :blush:


is it on patreon, because i cant find it?

I checked, but I can’t find it either.

@moderators, is this field on Patreon or was it intentionally excluded?


Yes, strangely enough, it was never available on Patron or Gumroad, only on Youtube.

@Maitreya please put the booster of this on your website!

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