Armpit lumps

You know me… I’m always here poking around for suggestions. So, uh, apparently I’ve developed a lump under my arm. On a recommendation, I was testing the efficacy of lemon and using it to replace deodorants/ the light dusting of baking soda I usually use after I wash. It works, and very well for me, except… apparently I’m allergic or something like that, because I developed a marble-y lump in my ampit in a couple days. Probably from sweat being blocked, too, although I still sweat ridiculous amounts anyway. Blegh.

No more lemon for me.

ANYWAY, I’ve tried a lot of remedies lately to bring this thing down. It hurts a bit and it’s mobile so I’m not TOO concerned that it’s anything other than a cyst, or infection or… lipoma? Just guessing on this last one. Besides listening to lymph-related audios, anything else you might suggest to speed along the healing of this pesky thing?

Thanks in advance.

If you dont know what it is you can go to the doctor to check it, if its just a cyst which is common should give you a cream and usually around a week or so should be gone, or at least you know what is.

For fields…
Cysts normally involves the lymph, so you already mention it, and moving the body some exercises helps with the lymph-sys too.

Just my opinion.

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Definitely seeing a doc tomorrow! Thank you for weighing in.

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It helped me, but it took a few months:

The Lymphatic Effusion + | Sapien Medicine on Patreon


See a doctor, It might be lymph nodes issue. It might be serious

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Thanks everyone! Just following up that it was thankfully only a cyst, which has since drained. Applications of a lymph drainage cream I had helped anyway with shrinking things down.

These things from stores that remove odor, or more properly said: suppress the sweat glands are very dangerous for people and have substances that can cause cancer. When you stop using them and go with homemade plants, the glands that were suppressed for many years start to clean up and even the smell can be very unpleasant for 2-3 months.

You can use baking soda or sea salt with something which makes good consistency like cream. They have the property to remove the smell of sweating which is caused by bacteria there.
It’s not a good idea for someone to try to stop their glands.

For your problem now you can get Iodine and to put it on your skin 1-2 times a day with an ear stick.
Also if you get Iodine you can drink 1 drop in a glass of water in the morning without food in your stomach. This simple thing has many benefits.