Are we allowed to listen to subliminals and frequencies while using the dms?

Can we listen to subliminals and frequencies from others that aren’t maitreya when we’re using the dms, pendants and necklaces from maitreya or would listening to these types of subliminals and frequencies get in the way of the power of the dms, pendants and necklaces? Do you also suggest we cleanse our pendants and necklaces when we get them in the mail? Like cleanse them with incense to get rid of possible negative energy it got from the way here, like the travel?

Yes you’re allowed, and all of Maitreya’s fields are designed to complement your other tools and fields - in most cases, they should not interfere with anything in a negative way. However, it’s best to use your own judgement and intuition when using other fields, and when using different fields together. You may want to look into using muscle testing and/or dowsing with a pendulum. As for pendants and necklaces from any creator, it’s always recommended to cleanse them when you receive them, and also on a regular basis. They can sometimes pickup energies from other people along the journey in the mail, and can pick up energies from people around you when using them on a regular basis - I find it’s best to cleanse weekly, if not daily.

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What is muscle testing and/or dowsing? What does that do?


I was just asking a question. I just wanted to make sure that subliminals and frequencies from other people didn’t get in the way of using dms, pendants and necklaces which someone already answered in this thread. Sorry, if I sound crazy for asking this question…

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Muscle testing and dowsing both allow you to check in with your energy and how you may react to a certain field, tool, modality or supplement. For muscle testing, go to YouTube and simply type in “muscle testing” and there are many tutorial videos. For dowsing, you use a pendulum instead. To check which fields may be best for you, you simply ask if it would be beneficial and for your highest good, and test.

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When you say fields, do you mean by subliminals and frequencies? What are fields?

Fields meaning morphic fields. Maitreya’s products are fields, hence the name “Maitreya Fields”.

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Oh, okay. I understand now.