DM: The Warrior Archetype

The Warrior archetype is associated most closely with the characteristics of the Greek god Ares, or Roman Mars. His qualities can be summarised as:

-physical strength

-sexual power and virility



-using one’s innate aggression for positive ends

-self-control, maintaining composure under any circumstances

-quick and rational thinking, right judgment, and good instinct

Have in mind the archetypes always possess a shadow side. For this archetype the shadow may contain:



-choosing conflict over diplomacy

-anger or even rage


how does this differentiate from the warrior masculine archetype?


associated most closely with the characteristics of the Greek god Ares, or Roman Mars.

So is this more potent or directed? I am seeing a lot of good reports from Archetype: the warrior which is like $15. This is $77, is it way more potent and powerful. Is it better to be associated with Ares and Mars, verses a general warrior? Thank you for any additional info.

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@Genius @Maitreya Today I bought this mandala!!!.

This mandala gives me the beauty and attractiveness of the God Ares?

What is eroticism in this mandala?

Thank you.



You buy perfect stuff, Bre19. :star2:


@Genius @Maitreya Hello, for this mandala of the GOD ARES, what is the best audio or mandala to control the dark side of ARES? or to integrate it?

I bought this mandala and I really like the qualities and characteristics of the God Ares but I am very afraid of the dark side of him.

What dou you recommend? What I do? What audios or mandalas should I use?

For example: “Angelic Radiance”? “Bomb of Love”? “Self Love and Acceptance”? “Unconditional Love”?

Thank you.

It’s not easy to internalize an archetype, especially with its highest manifestations that it contains. You can consciously work to display the good qualities and virtues that this archetype offers, and restrain and realize if the other side accidentally starts to emerge.

You can use all the audios you’ve listed, as well as the field for Stoicism.

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Ares DM + The Goddess DM is a good idea?

I want an Ares balance. I don’t want his shadow to come out, the negative side of him.

Can The Goddess DM help me balance Ares DM?

Thank you.


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The Goddess has her own shadow side, too. You might try Ego Detachment to be able to analyse your behaviour from a neutral point.

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DM Ares God + DM Warrior Presence is a good idea?

Can DM Warrior Presence help? Or is it the same?.

Are there problems between these mandalas together?

It is a bad idea?

Thank you.

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Those are two different fields. You can use them both. They will work together as the goal is similar, so you will have two different approaches.

Combining fields is usually a good idea. As long as the final results are not contrary. For example, you would use losing weight and gaining weight at the same time.

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