Anxiety/Anxiety Symptoms

Wich fields can i use to help me with my health anxiety and the anxiety bodily symptoms i get! :pray:

It is suggested that the Holy Trinity of trauma event cleaning and emotional regeneration be used for internal child trauma treatment and anger cleaning chakras. These are all worn on my body, which is effective for me to treat physical symptoms caused by anxiety

Sorry, English is not my mother tongue. I hope you can understand it Bless you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @TrueFaith !

Use this too, it helped stop my anxiety and this will help program your brain to stop the symptoms before they even start!

Should i just try this on its own or add something else? I have bad health anxiety! =/

Brain chemicals field

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So emotional perfection and brain chemicals?

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Yes, try both and add CBD oil field too

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Try a high quality probiotic as well.


These suggestions seems great.

I just want to add that fear is usually the cause for anxiety as far as I know. So with that said I would suggest fields that clear out fears, the field “Release Unconsious Fears” is probably the best one since it clears past life and ancestor fears/traumas.

Hope you get well soon!

All these sound good! Im curious to know though. Is the emotional perfection field safe? It wouldn’t unbalance my hormones? Also is it ok to use these fields everyday? Im new to these.i usually just use subs!

It’s safe, its about neurotransmitters (“neural” hormones) like dopamine not sex hormones. The stuff that makes your brain tingle when you hug someone you like. Everyone’s suggestions are safe for everyday use, including probiotics lol.

I came from subs as well to this world. It is similar - focus on what you really want to work on for the fastest results in an area. You should also be noticing a difference far faster than subs (but even if you don’t just keep going, it’s just my experience).

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Do you still use it? =)

I don’t really need it anymore :sunglasses:
I used to use it daily several times then gradually it became less and less. Of course, working on your self in all areas as you progress combined with usage of this field will provide quicker results (i.e. chakra work, self love, bodily health/diet etc.)

All work done to develop the self will get you a stable foundation alongside this field so you can live free of anxiety. As the others have noted, often times anxiety can manifest itself from unconscious traumas, and once you face the root, the issues often dissappear/ severely weaken. This field specifically is great at neutralizing your perspective of the root and changing your mindset into one without fear of it (“health”) permanently over time.

Anxiety is a tree for you. No Roots, No Tree. And consequently no “branches” - > the other issues stemming from anxiety that cause problems in other areas of your life. These fields are your ax, but you must use it yourself, the ax won’t move on its own.


I think for now im gonna use 2 for now. Emotional perfection and remove unconscious fear. What do you think of these 2 together? Also should i be aware of any purging effects? I dislike when i listen to something and it hurts me more than helping.