Antahkarana - Healing Symbol and Sound

The word ‘antahkarana’ is in Sanskrit and it consists of two words- ‘antar’, meaning “interior” or “within,” and ‘karana’, meaning “sense organ” or “cause.”

It translates as “the inner cause” or “internal organ.” Antahkarana is the link between the body and the soul, the lower mind of our personality here and now, and our higher self. It is the bridge between the middle and higher mind.

The term may also be defined as the source of thinking, our true self.

The symbol provides extraordinary energy healing. It encases the person in a sarcophagus of bright white light, clears one’s entire energy system, burns out everything that needs to be taken away, and supercharging energetically the whole system.

The central canal-Brahma Nadi, is cleared from stuck energies and filled with light. This light subsequently flows through all other meridians and nadis in the energy body and heals the system. All organs and tissues are filled with light.

Digital Mandala: DM: Antahkarana - MaitreyaFields


Wow! Thank you for making this, Maitreya

Ready to use it into the field storage this night. Maybe with a booster and chakra cleanser. I feel a pretty good combination. I’m in a perfect health state of everything, but before the removing of J Seals ( too expensive for me now) Antahkarana is a good solution to improve the Higher self connection.

A technical question about this period: will there be discounts? I’m ready to buy some stuff. If not, I’ll buy immediatly. Thanks in advance!

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Too late but thanks for your answer. I’m however happy for the shopping (Audio Speed learning, DM Limitless study, DM Download Books Knowledge and DM The chosen).
I thought to buy The Emitter, but I know I’ll have fun with the Books Knowledge! :grin:

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what does it mean by “ALL LEVELS” ?

physical, mental, spiritual, energetic, psychological, etc.
If you investigate more about the symbol and geometry you realize that it helps on various levels and aspects.

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Thank you,
ive also read that the symbol is also controlled by higher self

Also, is this article, accurate for the Antahkarana

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Everything is interconnected brother, the ego only separates existence.
Use this friend, it feels good. :+1:t2::relieved:


Man, I wish I could tell you, I read the linked page but most just copy the information from other pages. :man_shrugging:t2:
There are bits of good information, but everything you need to know is already in the description. :smiley_cat:

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So can the mandala be used to charge crystals ?

From - google search-

“Simply placing the symbol in any room or space is usually sufficient to generate an illness-free environment.”

@Maitreya @Vega

does the mandala also works like this or personal only (30cm) ??

Personal. Range is 30cm.