Zonar (Reiki Symbol) / Energetically Programmed Audio

Zonar is a symbol from the Karuna Reiki® healing system. Its purpose is to heal unresolved karmic matters from past lives and inter-dimensional issues. Zonar is one of the most powerful symbols and is especially useful in the initial phases of deep cellular healing.

Uses of Zonar:
● Zonar used together with Usui Reiki distance healing symbol-Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen releases all traumatic energy on cellular level
● It amplifies distance healing effect
● It may help those who wish to see their past lives or access past lives during a session when healing for trauma originating there is needed
● Zonar will relieve emotional pain
● It helps release addictions, breaks repeated patterns, and helps get rid of toxic relationships
● Zonar may alleviate body pains
● It helps in relationship issues
● Heals Inner Child issues (especially effects from childhood abuse)
● It releases shame and feeling unworthy
● It is believed to be connected and used to call upon Archangel Gabrielle


Wow incredible!! I had just moved onto past life healing work after successfully closing out my old vows/soul contracts with your other audio. The timing of this is perfect!! :heart_eyes: Inner child was next after past lives so I guess I get a 2 in 1 special here yay! Thank you Maitreya!



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Be careful when you use it the first time, because I had a little detox only after 1 hour from the first listening. Organize your day.

However I’m waiting for other Archangels. I am really intentioned to use all the fields of this type everyday.

Bets are accepted on which is next on the list! Let’s see if you are good clairvoyants! :laughing:

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Good refinement.

Haha, 100% powerful, if anyone has a problem in this area use this with other audios extra (dopamine, brain chemicals, etc).
Thanks @Maitreya :heart_decoration:


can’t waiting to download it from petreon stright to my emitter

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