Angel Numbers: Unlocking the Messages from the Divine

In a universe that communicates in mysterious ways, numbers are more than just figures; they are a language, a way for the divine to send guidance and messages to us on Earth. Among these mystical sequences are "angel numbers," believed to be a direct line to your spiritual team. This guide will explore what angel numbers are, their meanings, and how you can harness their guidance in your life.

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To press on this subject, I recommend to all those who doubt and have difficulty trusting their HS to pay attention to this type of sign.

Let me explain, since I discovered Maitreya’s work, I have accumulated a huge amount of DM’s and at the time I never knew which DM to use in parallel with the Optimizer because I didn’t have full confidence in this one. The HS series allowed me to “unlock” something in myself which permit me to let myself flow much more towards my HS.

What I mean by this subject is that, if you have resistance towards your HS but despite this you persist in giving full control of your DM towards it you will see these kinds of numbers more and more in your daily life. These numbers that I see almost every day since I abandoned myself to him, repeat themselves as many times as I let my HS control my DM’s with the Optimizer.
And I feel the greatest gratitude for them, because they allow me to reassure me that I feel guided, literally. So, for those like myself (in the past) who doubt every day about the effects that HS could have on the ego and its desires, I recommend letting yourself go completely towards Optimizer and trusting him…because the HS is YOU.