All Audios from the store are now Digital Mandalas

May be you are looking for this one


Is this DM is the same as the one in audio mp3 format? :
(Food Clearing + Recharger) ?

The same mandala does not exist.

This mandala includes the cleansing of food, eliminating toxins… and much more.
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I was not talking about repurchasing. I meant like the ones that are in the links that are now turned to dms, can I buy them from your regular store or do I buy them even if it still says audio on there and then I just show you proof that I purchased it even if it still says audio? I hope my question makes sense. If not, I’ll clarify.

Ayahuasca video, showed up in my youtube suggestions video page tonight, but when I went to Gum road and MF store…no such audio ,no to DM to be found…will that be coming soon? thank you all. I know you all have a LOT to get to and to handle with converting the audio’s to DM. Maybe this is a good heads up,reminder. peace love and respect. Kei.

@Maitreya Is the method you used to convert/transform Audios to Digital Mandalas is this a proprietary method? After getting the MMv2, I want to convert all my audios(from others as well) to Digital Mandalas. I am on a mission to get most if not all of yours. (I bought 54, last month) My first month in finding you. Not sure I will need as many this month, but you never know :rofl:

We don’t have field Audio to DM. The Field Emitter can convert audio/reiki/energy music into frequencies.

Polaris, I was trying to understand how you guys changed your audios to DM,s.

Whether it was an app or something made.

Because I’ve been looking for a product to do that and I’m not finding it.

We didn’t used any app. I reprogrammed all again.


I wondered about that. Thank you. Love you work,