Adrenaline Control

This field has been created to regulate the adrenaline release in your body to its optimal levels for best performance in cases such as stressful tasks or situations, before an exam or interview, during a conversation with your boss or a civil servant, during a dispute with an opponent, and so on.

If the adrenaline is too high already, the field will activate a second option-it will send a message to your brain that this adrenaline rush is associated with a pleasant experience (much like what you experience during practicing a sport or another demanding but pleasurable activity), and not a threat.

Digital Mandala:


I have had this since it came out, used at my work alongside other mandalas.
I haven’t used it for a long time,and I wondered what would be the effect, so I I put it my mandala manager.
As I remembered, you’d get incredibly calm and collected.
Great for meditation and everyday life.
I will never stop using this one
When you download the mandala, its name is Emotional stability, not Adrenaline control!
A much more suitable name, can really recommend this one :point_up: