Activation words

Dear Maitreya,

I there any way to make specific words for activation of each mandala for those that carry multiple on them for convenience. If I’m walking around and I say the word activate or I say the word stop while I have them Mandala on me will this activate and stop all the mandalas I have on me? I mean I could not wear them all and just alleviate even having to ask this question but still if one has the time perception on and they’re in a conversation where they say the word activate or they say the word stop is this going to affect anything?


Usually, if you want to actively work with a mandala, you should put aside the others you are currently carrying. Since they all only have a range of 30 cm, it shouldn’t be a problem to activate several of them at the same time. And even if they were activated with the command, they would have no effect on you as you would be out of range where they could affect you.

Still does not solve the activate stop feature if I’m walking around with the time perception and say those words.

Yes, in that case it could actually be a problem to have too many mandalas with you.

I say this because in my line of work I actually say activate a lot lol

conceptually say activate to that specific mandala maybe it will work? :grinning:

Yeah then there is also the problem of randomly saying activate in your mind lol

How about replacing Maitreya’s perception of time with sapiens? Put it in a coin and take it to your job.

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That makes a lot of sense seeing as how I just spent money on the mandala lol.

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I agree with this and was wondering the same. I haven’t had the chance to print mine out yet, i just put them on my phone for now. I made a nice collage of 7 mandalas as my background. But if i printed Reality Shifter, Subconscious Mind Connector and Slow Time and went out with it, how can l activate only 1?

I want all 3 with me always in case l need them [there are many reasons why you could need them] but if l’m meeting a friend, and l accidentally say the word Activate, I don’t want my subconscious mind installing random things and reality shifter manifesting them lol That could lead to very interesting results


I know you spent money on this guy, but not everything has a solution, I don’t see how what you want is possible, but let’s see what other people have to say.

Out of curiosity, why would you need to leave with the change in reality? It is something that needs to be done calmly and with concentration, and the changes can take 1 to 2 days to happen, what is the need to use this on the street? You can just leave it at home and use it when you need it, if you need to travel and want to take this mandala, put it in the suitcase and it will surely be more than 30 CM away.

Everything has a solution.

You always seem to want to argue or debate or combat something it boggles my mind

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It’s just a suggestion, you don’t need to take it seriously.

We didnt put trigger words on all mandalas, but for people who work with energy from long time this should be a natural process - to stop the effects from some source as energy and then the allowing. So, you don’t stop the mandala, you stop the effects on you. :wink:

We can make some mandala for that like this one with changing range on all mandalas, if people would want that.