Activation of chromosomes P. 1

We only supposed to listen for 1 week then stop it completely or do we continue but add part 2 and listen as a stack?

You can listen only ver 1, but for better results use both.

Ok, if I understand for 7 days 3x a day 21 listens. 8th day we can listen to part 1 still and add part 2. How long should they be listened for? How many weeks, months, years?

Is it true that in the past there were other versions of this series?

you listen only 2 weeks.

No, first upload it’s still in youtube.

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Thanks maitreyafields.

I wasn’t aware these was on YouTube. First heard of them when added on patreon.

I see in the comments on YouTube each a week only.

Have any one try this one? Care to share your experiences? I am on my fifth day. Since I am using many fields, can’t say what this field contributes to the big picture, but I feel my body vibrating while listening to it. Thanks.


It’s a really good field set. I noticed that when I played it, there would be a point later in my day, around evening/night time, I think after cellular division or something, I don’t know, it could be just me but out of nowhere suddenly my skin looks different (and better, of course)

Note, could be taking out my butt on the whole “listen in the morning, sudden changes later around night time” thing. I really really try to notice as much as I can at any given point I’m time especially when looking to see what fields are doing and I can easily just think I saw that happening and was wrong. Idk would love confirmation on that lol.

It definitely REALLY quickly improves your overall state of your body, in my experience. Kind of thinking to do another 2 weeks with these two again. It’s pretty awesome especially in conjunction with all the other amazing stuff that’s out there to use too.


Did you try Ver. 2? Do experience silence audio after minute 8:11 on ver. 2?

Yes to both questions :slight_smile: pretty sure the silent part doesn’t contain a field so feel free to restart when you hit that point

Part 1 - 1 week
Part 1 & 2 - 1 week
and then stop altogether?