5th Dimension Connection Pendant

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@Genius , @Maitreya
What is the difference between this counterpart and the free audio from Gumroad of the same name? The description is not exactly the same, but the goal is probably the same. Has the field been revised or boosted for the pendant? Otherwise you could load the audio in a storage item and you would get the same result. Especially since the price for this Pendant is one of the more expensive ones. Please could someone verify that. Thanks


The field has the same goal, but is a new concept of energetic programming for connecting with 5D, which makes it easier or people to be able to achieve the result.


Exclusive to this pendant only? Or does the new programming span to the gumroad boosted one as well and the abrakadabra mandala? Just curious since Maitreya had said that all these pendants were the same as the fields available as tracks/mandalas or does that just apply to same potency?

Yes, I was hoping that it would be a stronger version of the audio field. Which of course leaves you with no choice to acquire it to get out of this current nightmare. There is a Black Friday sale but who knows if there will be another one. So I had to strike right away to be on the safe side. And the sooner I have it hanging around my neck. :blush:

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For about a month already there is a different type programming that applies to everything., including mandalas, audios and pendants.

This field-the pendant 5D is a new concept for specially this-connecting to 5D which makes it easier to connect to 5D energies. So even though the purpose is the same as the 5D audio the actual field is different. Just how you can have two different types of vehicle you can use to reach somewhere and one might be a better one.


I appreciate that clarification. Thank you :blush: