The New Maitreya Store

We are very happy to announce that the new Maitreya Store is finally open!

We offer a selection of jewelry programmed with energy fields for self-development and life success. You can choose from the ready-to-go fields (Chrysopoeia Series) or make a custom order based on your specific needs (Activated Crystals Series)!

Store Link Here:


Phenomenal job on this Etsy store, it looks soooooooooooo amazing, the fields, the pendants, looks great!! And so many choices, l didn’t expect that many for the grand opening!!

@Maitreya is that you in the video?


They look amazing.


& i thought only sapien was expensive ….

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Great looking store with so many nice pendants!
What’s the difference between the Timeline Shifter and the Reality Shifter?

  1. It is not expensive for what it can do.

  2. Most people don’t understand the value of these fields but are willing to spend 20k € on a new kitchen :thinking: :roll_eyes:

  3. Maitreya offers most of her stuff for free on YT, so you don’t have to buy anything. You have even more choices with your patreon subscription.

  4. Expensive is relative – work on your abundance mindset :wink:

  5. There are cheaper mandala versions for most of these fields

  6. Those are real life magical items, not just accesoires


@Onapath It is the same field, no difference. When we made the pendants we accidentally gave the same field two names, so until this sells out, there will be two :slight_smile: Like a rare coin made by mistake a certain quirky way. :slight_smile:


Masculine Archetypes pendant is double the cost of feminine archetypes?

Also, there are no physical effect pendants, which I assume Maitreya did not purposely create for constant wearing. Some physical effect pendants like Sapiens weight loss, APE, etc. would have been great!


@lucas They are the same price, there was a mistake.


What would be the difference between a custom Chrysopoeia pendant and a custom Crystal?
What does the Mandalas Manager box do?

There is no option to buy custom Chrysopoiea, they are all premade fields. But there is the same design of a stainless steel pendant, which is blank, without a name on it, and it can be used to program a custom field in it. This is done for people who prefer this design.

The activated crystal pendants have the added benefit of the crystal itself, which has also been activated, meaning it will be more powerful.

The Manadala Manager Box makes an energetic connection to the person who owns it. You can carry your mandalas in it as it is convenient, or you can leave them at home in the box and they will still affect you because of this energetic connection.


Would the MMB also work for pendants?

@TheBlackEmperor Yes, it would work for pendants also.


Is Maitreya a person in this video? the energy is extremely powerful

Many of these crystals are hard enough to find in decent size, shape or quality. Take it from an excessive spender on crystals, many of these cover at least half the cost in the crystal alone.

That might sound like an overstatement. I know what I’ve spent and how many of a stone I’d often had to buy just to get one of a lot that was the right match for a pendant.

Congratulations on getting this new store up and going.


What are the differences between the pendants and the digital mandalas? Are the pendants stronger?

No, the energy is the same.
We released pendants for people who prefer them / or want to make a gift to their family/friends.


hmm how about this part ??

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Not here to argue with anyone ….
Just wrote what i thought …

& An abundant Mindset doesn’t mean keep on spending ….

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This part is active on mandalas and audios from one month. It’s also used for pendants.