12 Essential Tips to Gracefully Move Through Your Healing Crisis

Demystifying the Healing Crisis: A Compassionate Guide to Navigate Energetic Transitions

Dear radiant souls, today, we’ll explore a critical milestone on our spiritual journey - the healing crisis. This is not a setback, but an important juncture on our path to wholeness, especially when we’re addressing past traumas, aligning our chakras, and cleansing ourselves from negative energies and physical and astral parasites.

Understanding the Healing Crisis:

The healing crisis is a transformative phase that initiates when we embark on our detoxification journey, purging our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies of toxins and parasitic energies. The manifestations can be physical and emotional, often reflecting the imbalances we are healing.

Physical Symptoms:

Physical manifestations like fatigue, headaches, flu-like symptoms, skin irritations, or digestive changes are clear indicators that your body is actively detoxifying and expelling harmful energies and toxins.

Emotional Symptoms:

On an emotional level, old fears, waves of anger, or sadness may resurface. The emergence of irritability, anxiety, or unusual sensitivity signals that your emotional and energetic system is purging toxins.

Navigating the Healing Crisis:

Here are 12 Essential Tips to Gracefully Move Through Your Healing Crisis:

  1. Embrace Your Authority: Recognise your proactive role in this transformative work. You initiated this profound journey, signalling your readiness to evolve and heal.
  2. Celebrate the Release: Understand the energies you’re releasing stem from your physical and emotional bodies, leading to a lighter, healthier you.
  3. Stay Open to Insights: New insights and levels of conscious awareness may emerge as your energy and body integrated.
  4. Maintain Presence: Your mind may grapple to understand the unfolding process. Simply be present, witnessing the experience without judgement.
  5. Communicate with Your Body: Engage in a dialogue with your body, assuring it that it can release, let go, and integrate without manifesting pain.
  6. Allow Emotional Flow: Let your emotions run their course without scrutinising their origin. The healing crisis is about releasing residual emotions.
  7. Don’t Isolate: You’re not alone in this journey. Reach out to your practitioner or your support circle if you need extra care and compassion.
  8. Ask for Help When Needed: If you continue to feel unsettled, arrange a session with your practitioner to balance your energy.
  9. Hug a Tree: Connecting with nature can be extremely healing. Hugging a tree can help ground you and clear negative energies.
  10. Ground Yourself: Use grounding techniques like walking barefoot on the earth, focusing on your breath, or visualising roots growing from your feet into the ground.
  11. Nourish Yourself: Pay attention to your diet. Consume nutrient-dense foods and keep yourself hydrated to support your body during this detoxification phase.
  12. Trust and Nurture Yourself: Follow your instincts, and be kind to yourself. Indulge in self-care, meditate, rest, and remember, your well-being is paramount.

Embarking on a healing crisis is a testament to your transformative journey. It’s a transitional phase that will leave you more conscious and evolved. You’re demonstrating an extraordinary ability to heal, evolve, release and let go.

Have you weathered a healing crisis? How did you move through it? Please share your experiences and advice below. Your journey may inspire and support others.


I simply chant ‘Radha’, whenever I feel something isn’t right, it helps me to control my mind.

In our scriptures it is said that all the divine energies emerges from her, if a human being speaks radha.
The one who speaks bhagawadgita (lord Krishna) loves this name.

I found it working, a guru told me that, if you simply chant ‘Radha’ and you will free from greed , lust , anger and all the energies will try to guide (help) you.

Also, the maya will try to drag you down as we are in KALYUGA but if keep chanting this name ‘Radha’ you will be free

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