Yoni De-Armouring

Yoni De-Armouring It’s a powerful healing process that will help you remove any pain stored and held there. Yoni de-armouring is not a yoni massage or a tantric massage, and it’s not designed to pleasure you. Sometimes it is reffered to as a “sacred spot” healing. Each time you experience emotional or physical pain, armour is created in the yoni, and this armour affects all present and future relationships.

These pains are generated by: unconscious or angry sex, years of emotional torment, shame and guilt, years of not honouring and listening to your body, having sex that doesn’t feel good or right for you, having unclear and unstated boundaries, and many other experiences.

Benefits of yoni de-armouring:

The less armour your yoni holds, the more open, youthful, sexy and vibrant you’ll look and feel.

After de-armouring you will feel:

  • soft
  • velvety
  • juicy
  • sensitive
  • readily moist for love-making
  • and able to feel deeper pleasure all over your body and in your heart…

Symptoms of an armoured yoni include:

  • Hard tissue along the walls of the yoni
  • Small grain-like lumps
  • Numb areas or total numbness
  • Dryness
  • Lack of sensitivity
  • Contracted and hard inner muscles
  • A hard and overly sensitive cervix
  • Pain during love-making
  • Inability to experience deep yoni orgasms, or G-spot and full body orgasms
  • No orgasms at all

Listen 2-3 times a day / speakers are better.


thanks (this is the third time i thank you for this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) yesterday i discover my sacral chakra had the most karma to clean ! :heartpulse: :heart:

and the anger part is so important aggressive people are harmful for me.

So grateful!!! To clear anger other send to me this is magical!!! I was stuck with it !!! Now. I will be free… imagine someone so peaceful like me angry people find me annoying … just thank you!


Will you make one for a tighter vagina? So many women have this issue after child birth or pelvic floor issues.

Kegel automated?


Yes. But kegals doesn’t change the size, just strengthens the vaginal muscles. Make something for tighter vagina if you can. Even add in pompoir skills while you’re at it! :wink::wink:
I just bought a few fields from you…
is the youthful skin with tan field for skin on whole body or just face? Will I tan everywhere?
Thanks Maitreya! :pray:

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