When i take 3 deep breaths at night i get tingle on my stomach

Anyone know the cause? :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Maybe stuck energy decluttering

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I meditate daily … …whenever i focus on breath
or even when i focus on my hands or any body parts…
It starts tingling


I also feel it in all the chakras, often in the stomach, even on the face, in the hands, it’s because of the breath, you can do a lot of practices with the breath, it’s not for nothing that there are a lot of articles on how to get high just by breathing

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Thanks @SpartanAngel
Today while meditating, i get sudden vibrations
I didn’t get where the vibrations happened but i felt the sound… Is it normal too??

my guess is it is because of blocked chakra work on that chakra where it happens :smiley:

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Noticed and felt near on my face area…
Like a sudden jerk, @Magicman

Inside or outside?


Inside @Maitreya


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In that case, it is a moving energy in the body. The way you describe it suggests that it is stagnant energy that has been released and is now felt more intensely in the body as physical sensations.

You can support your body with conscious abdominal breathing and some form of meditation that can move this energy out of there more quickly or move it along the channels it has started on.


Thanks i will Follow what you’ve said mam.
Now feeling energy on my back area (ie spine)