Weight Loss Pendant

Energetically Programmed Field for Optimal Physical Form and Health

This energetically programmed field is meticulously designed to support you in achieving your ideal physical form, optimal body weight, and a state of health, harmony, and beauty in which you feel wonderful.

Key Features and Functions:

Subconscious Cause Identification and Resolution:

The field delves into your subconscious to identify factors contributing to abnormal weight gain. It effectively eliminates these causes, replacing them with healthier perspectives and beliefs.

Ancestral Lineage Scanning:

The field scans your genetic lineage for past experiences, traumas, and beliefs that currently influence your weight issues. It addresses inherited traumas such as famine, war, abandonment, or personal struggles faced by ancestors. These experiences might have created feelings of vulnerability, necessitating a sense of protection or defensive capability.

Blueprint for Ideal Weight and Form:

The field provides your body with a blueprint of its ideal weight and shape, assisting in adapting to this optimal form.

Enhanced Nutritional Processing:

Instructions are given to your body for the optimal processing and assimilation of food. The field ensures the intake of nutrients in the healthiest manner possible.

This energetically programmed field represents a holistic approach to achieving and maintaining your ideal physical state. It not only focuses on external changes but also addresses deep-seated psychological and genetic factors. By harmonizing the body’s physical aspects with psychological and ancestral influences, it offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I was thinking of buying that one.
However I have a question, does this only work for one person?
If I buy it for my wife and then I want to use it, will it work?
Based on the info I got from the forum, it seems it works as the YouTube audios, so anyone can use it.