Water Retention + Cellulite Reduction

Water Retention + Cellulite Reduction / Energetically Programmed Audio

This audio is programmed to remove excess water from the body and to reduce cellulite. Body parts with big focus - face, legs and stomach.


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Does this help with removing dampness in the body? Dampness makes me feel tired all the time, and I have trouble to remove it…even I eat many spicy food and exercise.

These dampness has built up for awhile since I was young, and once I stop chinese medicine, these dampness will return. Thanks

Haven’t you already released this version Maitreya?

Will this file make your legs firmer or just reduce the appearance of cellulite?

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Boosted version:


Actuarial Sound Healing has a dampness removal!

Bought this digital mandala…please can i know if can i use in the folder h24 or better in the folder with the optimizer? @Vega @Polaris @Maitreya

better use it with optimizer

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