Video Testimonials

Would you be willing to do a video testimonial? We would be very grateful if you could help our new members by telling them about your results and the changes in your life you achieved with the help of our products. Many people are discovering the world of the energetically programmed fields just now and could greatly benefit from your testimonial.

You can tell us about what product you used-YouTube videos, digital mandalas, custom fields, pendants, or other items, for what issue, what was your experience, and anything else you would like to share.

For those of you who are willing to do a video testimonial, we will gift you a voucher for 333 USD to use on a digital Maitreya Fields product of your choice. As a special thank you for your kindness and courage, the first 10 participants can redeem their voucher for a custom field if they so chose. You can participate once and the video must be in English and at least 1 minute long. Alternatively, the video may be in your own language with English subtitles.

We intend to use the video testimonials on social media, websites, stores, YouTube, and new projects that we may develop in the future, and in any other way that may be helpful to our clients. Please note that if you send us a video testimonial this means that you give us full permission to use it in any way we chose, including but not limited to the above-mentioned information outlets and websites.

You can send us your testimonial here:
If your file is too big, you can use WeTransfer ( or Google Drive link.


Hey, guys!
Thank you so much for all these beautiful testimonials that you send to us.

Most of the time we work with you remotely, through chats, emails, and other online communication channels. I was very happy to see you and felt immense love and gratitude towards you.

Thank you for your kind words and we are so pleased that you feel well after using the fields and your life has changed in such magical ways. You are wonderful!

The game continues at this stage without an end date and we continue to accept your video testimonials. Thank you!

Have a nice week all!