Question about custom pendant

In the spirit of wanting to clarity on Maitreya’s pendants on the Etsy store, I have some questions.

  • Specifically, as it’s advertised in the “custom pendant”, can we combine the traits of other listed pendants? Here is the link for the custom:
    BLANK Pendant Stainless Steel Necklace / Maitreyafields - Etsy

  • If we were to choose the “multiple custom fields” on the above custom pendant, could we take the traits of the following pendant, and have it count as 1 of the single custom fields:
    Masculine Archetypes Pendant / Chrysopoeia Series Stainless - Etsy

  • I currently wear the “Fearlessness” item from Sapien Medicine, and love it. Sapien advises to wear the item constantly, and never take it off. Should Maitreya’s pendants be worn constantly for best effects, and/or do they have a range/radius of effect?

  • Are the pendants any stronger or more effective than listening to the Maitreya audios with “permanent results integrator” every day?

  • Do the pendants ever fade or lose power over time, and are there any other care or usage considerations?

  • If you were to run a black Friday sale (or any other sale), the pendants would be included, correct? :smile:

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-Yes, we can put a field from another pendant on a blank pendant. You need to check the price, if it is cheaper to buy the existing pendant, why pay more for a custom, if it is more expensive, obviously we won’t do it. Masculine archetypes is more expensive than one custom field and it in itself is a very complex field, so for this one specifically you need to get it separately.

-One field is one issue. something like-Social anxiety for example, or finding a job, etc. The customs are created so we can help a specific person with their specific issue. Maitreya decides what goes onto that pendant, not the client. The client tells us what the problem is and lets us decide how to make the field, what to include and what will be done.

-The pendant is worn all the time, yes. You wear it until you are satisfied with the result and feel it has fully integrated and you no longer need it. They work on you, the radius is your aura, but they only affect you, not other people who may be close to you.

-No, the pendants are not more effective than DMs or audios. The effect is the same.

-The pendants do not lose power and do not fade. Depending on which pendant you get, the stainless steel ones require no special care, the ones with stones, and copper or silver wire, you may want to not wet them and may be a bit more careful.

-We do run sales from time to time that do include the pendants.