Attract Wealth Pendant - Back in Stock!


Attract Wealth Pendant

This field has been programmed to:

-Activate the energy of abundance
-Install 1000 beneficial beliefs into your subconscious
-Remove blockages connected to abundance: fear of failure, fear of success, etc.
-Increase clarity and help you discover your life mission
-Make you trust your own power, abilities, qualities, and skills
-Install beliefs, that remove fears related to action and responsibility
-Improve self-esteem


Hi, guys!
We’re thrilled to announce that the much-awaited Attract Wealth Pendant is finally back in stock!
Thank you for your patience and ongoing interest in this product.
Please be advised that availability is limited, and demand is high.

Also, we have some exciting news to share – a brand-new collection is on its way! Keep an eye out, as our latest creations will be available on our Etsy store within the next few days.

Additionally, we have some fantastic news for the upcoming holiday season. Today, we received our Christmas packaging materials, which we will offer for wrapping Christmas gifts. For those of you looking to purchase a meaningful and beautiful gift for your loved ones and friends, this is a perfect addition.
If you wish to have the medallions you purchase gift-wrapped, please send us a message.

Your loved ones will receive their gifts in a luxurious box, which will include a large metal Christmas ornament to hang on their tree. Inside, they will discover their medallion, beautifully presented when Christmas arrives, in our branded and luxurious Maitreya Fields boxes.

We hope to provide a wonderful and transformative Christmas experience for you and your loved ones.

Warm regards,


Looking Forward to it !! Thank YOU :slight_smile:


Sooo is this new collection coming out on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday? I shure hope its soon, I AM sooo wondering what this new collection could be, what they are and how much they are??.. Gosh I can hardly wait til’ the time comes when money is nooo object for Me. I Already have all the money related DM’s, as well as Gate of Abundance, Atomic Tap, Maya Ruler, Reality Shifter, Reality.Note.etc. a lot DM’s. I really give up a lot to get these DM’s.

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