The Book of Health - System Blueprint

Ah, I see you need both mandalas if you are asking for diabetes.

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will this help for high blood pressure ?? just in case, are there any other mandalas that will help with it ?

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The Skeletal regeneration can help with high uric acid caused gout arthritis like symptoms ?
I am low in Calcium and Vitamin D3 levels and high with Uric Acid. my joints are inflamed and in pain.

I am also under medical advice and treatment.

can this field help for gout arthritis with lower uric acid? or any other suggested fields please?


Yes, it could help activate self-healing and restore the balance. My mum had it, it was very painful, she couldn’t walk. The root of her problems was in her mind.
I think this Chinese approach could be helpful:


May I ask if there has been any change?

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Make sure whenever you take vitamin d3 , you take vitamin k2 proportionately . There is a risk of calcifying your heart without k2. This is very crucial.


something happens if all the lines are not visible?.. they are very thin
I am referring to the lines of the clouds and the smaller details, such as the lines inside the planets.

I sharpened the image, it affects…

@Polaris @Maitreya

is it ok/safe to use all 16 mandalas with their respective reproductive system
together with grounding, limit breaker, raise light qoutient and optimizer mandalas for use with my parents and wife, in usb emitter or mandala manager ??

my issue is this part, is optimizer smart enough to take note of this??


Have you tried this?

It is hard to say which system needs attention. The first thing I would use is Brain and Nervous System, but it can be anything. Sometimes, our emotions are stored in those parts of the body that we would never suspect.

Our fields create synergy even without the Optimizer. Higher Self is wise and will know what to do with those fields for the highest good . It’s not the Optimizer controlling the folder but HS.


Does this also mean that the best way to benefit from the book of health is to use all mandalas with the correct reproductive system ??

It is advisable to use the entire book because a person may not know where their problem is coming from. They might think they have back pain, stomach issues, or irritated intestines, when in reality, their nervous system is overloaded with tension and sending unstable signals throughout their body, causing pain in different places.

Someone may have started falling in the bathroom and strained tendons and fascia, making it impossible to lift even two shopping bags, thinking they are ill.

The body is a very complex system, and it is recommended that if a person doesn’t know the origin of a particular problem or when it started, they should use the entire book.

Currently, there is a 50% discount until December 1st.


Would this work for teeth/ gum issues too?

  1. Blueprint of Digestive system-mouth, tongue, teeth, salivary gland, liver, gallbladder, bile duct, stomach, pancreas, pancreatic duct, small intestine, duodenum, appendices, large intestine, rectum, anus

It will send the information to regenerate teeth. You can set the intention to focus on that.


@Maitreya @Polaris
can help with cataracts ??

It will instruct the body to heal itself, but cataracts are often linked to very strong trauma or abuse. People literally don’t want to see something, so it creates illness. Another holistic explanation would be not willing to see the truth.

I noticed that when people work on every layer, including psychological, they are more likely to restore the balance in their physical body.


if my gf taking birth control pills

she able to use the endocrine dm / others
with no problem?

also asking about using 7 master glands dm


Just to make you aware, I am not a medical professional, so I can only speak from my experience, and this is not medical advice. It might affect birth control as by default women are fertile, and this is the healthy blueprint of our body. Pills disrupt the natural cycle, and fields will send information to activate self-healing.


I bought the whole book!
I’m 52, and I’m guessing my hormones is low.
Would the Book restore them like Testosterone levels to my younger days.
Or the levels that is normal for my age?


Within these mandalas, there is no rejuvenation effect; they do not make you look and feel like you’re 20 at the age of 52. However, they will ensure that at 52, you have completely healthy systems for your age. And it’s very likely that you will feel better and even younger.

If you desire a rejuvenation effect, it is probably worth using these fields as well.

For men, I would highly recommend using this field as well

This field will definitely increase the testosterone levels ))
If you combine it with physical workouts, you’ll achieve a great effect.