Blueprint of Health for Women

This audio has been programmed with the blueprint of health for a human being. It contains the frequency of a healthy body so your body receives instructions on how to repair itself if needed.

If you need a more detailed and powerful energy field for each system of the human body, please see The Book of Health.


Iā€™m absolutely loving this blueprint series! Thank you so much for making this masterpiece. I get a wonderful buzz of well-being all throughout my body :purple_heart::pray:


Hi Maitreya, i dream about using restroom in my sleep but everytime i dream like that i am actually urinating. if my mind does not get that signal that i am actually urinating and rush to bathroom, the bed gets wet. does this help with a condition like that. i dont know if this condition has a name.

i think it will help try for a month and see :smiley: