T-Shirt - Luck and Abundance + Fast Manifestations


This item is filled with Tremendous Luck, Abundance, and Unconditional Love. Created for really fast manifestations.

  • The vibration of the numbers:
    1111 and 4444 (faster manifesting and grounding)

  • The vibration of the crystals:
    Emerald Crystal, Moldavite Crystal

It makes your vibration on higher speed, so watch your thoughts when you use it. You will manifest fast!


the clothes how works? Only when using them?

just dress them up

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but have an accumulative effect? or stops working when not using it

Anyone buy this? Please share your experience

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The energy will dissipate for some time after you stop using it


Can you make these into handkerchiefs?-!
Like it would become a great collection and pretty small so that people can carry them whilst wearing whatever they want

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