Subconscious Connector vs Reality Note V4

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all doing great! It’s my first post, and I’m very glad to be here.
I need your insight to make a decision on which creations to buy. I’ve been deliberating on it since the summer sale began, and I still can’t seem to come to a conclusion.
My main concern is about the differences between the Subconsciousness Connector and Reality Note. I’m wondering if the SC would be a better choice since it enhances your connection with subconscious basically 24/7, and requires no physical input. On the other hand, the RN seems like it could replace almost any other creation for manifestation.
Let’s say I write: ‘the connection with my subconscious is growing 24/7’, or, ‘I can freely speak with my subconscious to install whatever belief I desire even without the use of RN’. I hope you see what I’m getting at. But I’m not sure if my thinking is correct.
Also, I was considering buying the Mutant Soldier, Mimic, and Divine Invocation, but, again, maybe there’s no need if I can achieve all those things with the RN? Still, would those effects be as potent and fast-working as wearing the mandala of Mimic for example?
With Mimic, I’m thinking that constantly raising my vibration and becoming smarter by the second would help me utilise my potential faster and better, give me mental and life clarity about the world choices to make.
I know it’s all kind of jumbled, but all in all, my point is that I’m trying to find the best creation that would serve as a base for everything else. A cornerstone of sorts, allowing me to save both money, time, and effort. That’s why I prefer to first ask people more knowledgeable than me.
Maybe it’s a better approach to fully focus on just one of the creations for now, or maybe the RN could replace, like, most of them?
Any advice is much appreciated! Stay safe, and stay true!

A suggestion, have you by any chance checked the thread of the reality shift? And if you could review that mandala at the information level, I think it could complement a lot of information for what you are looking for.

I will tend to choose the reality note, because when you program your subconscious on a subject with this tool, it automatically removes in your subconscious, all limiting beliefs related to the topic that you are trying to program in your mind.

By using the subconscious connector, you will have to manually remove your limiting beliefs related to the subject of your programming, and it is not always easy to know what are our limiting programs present in our subconscious.


Both are equally good. Just depends on which method you prefer since they have different approach…Both ideas were given by one person and he tested first before anyone else just like most other fields out there . It’s his words. If you read their description carefully you’ll be able to decide which one you prefer


Well, in my opinion, the most powerful component of the Subconscious Connector is the activation command, which allows you to write thoughts/beliefs/feelings directly to the subconscious. It is incredible, really.

But, if you’re unsure what to do or which product to buy first, then I’d strongly recommend you consider the Higher Purpose mandala. That will get you on the right path for you and guide you to the tools you need, in the order that you need them.

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This was not my experience. When I tried to install new beliefs, the conflicting ones made themselves known, quite forcefully. It was rather easy to confront them and release them at that point. I found stating the intention I wanted to install about three times was enough to overwhelm the conflicting beliefs.


So which would be better for strictly manifesting/obtaining something?

So which would be better for strictly manifesting/obtaining something??