Stack volume unstable question?

Hi guys. Problem is that i have a night stack. And each audio in that have different level volume.
Such as if i set 20% volume in my smartphone, field “Emotional perfection” will be too lound, and field “self love” will be to too low to hear, almost can’t hear it because my house is very noisy.
SO how to deal with this. WIll field work if i set volume 20% but i can’t hear it??? or 10% etc… I let my smartphone near my bed, about 2m.

10% volume is enough, even if you don’t hear it.


Thank you, so basically i don’t need to hear the audio, but the volume need to > 0 and im in the same room. Am i right about it?

Not zero. Should be as low as you want but not mute.


Quadible just released a field called The Silencer which apparently lets you play any field at a very low volume (or even mute, according to the description) and still get the results. It basically somehow amplifies the field, even when it’s played silently. Might be worth trying.

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i can’t sense energy so i don’t know it work or not …