Solar Plexus Chakra Healing / Recharging / Balancing

[Creating a topic for this field since there was none yet]

With this video you will balance your solar plexus chakra and have better and more pleasurable life. You can read down in the description about this chakra blockages.

You can use headphones and speakers. We recommend speakers so it can affect your whole body /subconsciousness mind/.

2-3 times listening per day should be enough.
You can listen it again when you feel the need.

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Our society and 99.999% of the media are constantly brainwashing us “that we are powerless” and that “having power is bad”.

Those negative beliefs lead to a weak and/or blocked solar plexus chakra - the chakra responsible for you to feel powerful and in control of your life.

Now if you don’t feel powerful, how do you want to manifest?

This solar plexus chakra healing field is really important to become more sovereign in life and take control and take action of one’s own life.

Dissolving blockages in this chkara can also help to heal compulsive sexual behavior (compulsive need for constant masturbation and sexual release), because as the life energy travels upwards from the lower to the higher chakras, if there is a blockage in the third solar plexus chakra, the energy will be de-routed to be released through the sexual chakra only, leading to the constant need of energetic release through the sexual chakra. Hence, healing the solar plexus chakra, means that the energy can flow freely upwards again and will not try to release itself constantly through the sexual chakra.