Samadhi - The Path to Enlightenment/ Energetically Programmed Audio / Maitreya Reiki™

This energetically programmed field is designed with the Maitreya Reiki™ Spiritual Healing System to usher users into the profound state of Samadhi, a pinnacle of spiritual achievement where deep concentration and meditation culminate in unity and bliss. By engaging in this field, you can experience unparalleled depth of meditation, leading to the dissolution of the ego and a transcendent connection with the universal essence.

As users immerse themselves in this energetic environment, they will find themselves moving closer to achieving a state of Samadhi, where subconscious barriers dissolve, and the true nature of one’s existence is unveiled. This field acts as a catalyst, guiding participants through the layers of their consciousness towards a realization of the ultimate reality, characterized by peace, bliss, and an intrinsic understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

By regularly interacting with this field, individuals may expect to benefit from an enhanced sense of mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening. It is designed to remove subconscious beliefs that obstruct the path to enlightenment, thereby facilitating a direct experience of the divine.

For optimal results, listen to the video while meditating or when you need an increased level of concentration for studying, working, or other activities. The field will enable you to engage in much deeper meditations and more easily discover the things you’re searching for.


Looking forward to the DM :star_struck:
Please, put it on the maitreya store @Maitreya


And so the ultimate field has arrived :slight_smile: will the state of samadhi become permanent with regular use?


From my own experience, every field can become permanent once you integrate yourself with it and are willing to move forward, especially soul fields.
It’s like losing weight. You need to keep a healthy lifestyle to maintain it.


Please Do !!



This is a very unique field to me, and may I ask for a favor?
May you make the Samadhi a longer audio track (like the Christ Consciousness for 58min)? Currently youtube is 1min25sec.

For Chan meditation (zen in Japanese) in Chinese Buddhism, one incense time is 2 hours. If the track can be 2 hours, that will be “mindblastic”. At my current stage, i cannot enter into a calm or quiet state until 20 to 30 min later…so for now, this samandhi track does not have effect on me yet. I know Gumroad or Maitreya Store does not do audio anymore, but may you make an exception for this one?

If not, may i request this as a custom audio field, and I can pay for that without having that being uploaded to Gumroad or Maitreya store?

Thank you so much!


It is possible, but this state is quite elevated and it is difficult for one to be in it constantly while in the world. Nevertheless, this state offers very, very deep insights, similar to what one might experience with psychedelic plants, but without the effect of the woo-woo meaningless fractals. Just pure consciousness and awareness of cosmic truths, which cannot be found as information on Earth, as well as experiencing an understanding of certain situations from the past, clarity about current events at the most basic level, and then, up to soulful and cosmic realizations and experiences.


Such a video can be made. The only problem is that such long tracks are hard to find with licenses. One option is to use meditative music that is suitable for looping without any strange interruptions. We will look into whether such music can be found.


Hello @Maitreya

Yes, looping is good. It is actually better because for meditation purpose, i don’t need exciting music. The more monotone, the better is for my concentration.

I researched and this site said no copyright or royalty. Environment track, like rain, forest, wind…, may be a good thing to loop? Just a suggestion. If it is too much work, I can use the DM as well. It can be a good motivation to make me learn how to connect to invisible force.

Thank you


I should have passively entered the realm of Samadhi two years ago when I heard the field of Maitreya, Sapien, Morpheus,Spiritual zone, etc. on youtube that night.

Maybe it was too much energy and I felt like I wasn’t ready and I got hurt. That’s why I was going to spend money on field, but it didn’t seem to work. From then on, it seemed as if I was blind and could no longer see the world. Now try to clean it up using Revision. Thanks SpiritualSeeker for giving some advices. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was an indescribable feeling, a complete expression. I’m 100% sure it wasn’t a dream.


Thank you so much for the explanation. What word of advice would you have for those that wish to reach a permanent state of samadhi? I understand there is no one-size-fits-all method. Any information would be amazing (e.g. fields that may make it easier, actions that may be helpful or misconceptions that may be getting in the way).

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It’s not possible for someone to be in such a state constantly, unless they are a monk in some cave or monastery with no stimuli at all. Living in society, we shift to lower frequencies to function, converse, and be coherent.

If one could say that the field will have permanent results, it implies that a person will acquire this ability and state to such a degree that they can enter and exit it at will.

To give a more striking example, when a person leaves their body and travels to different places and dimensions, they are not permanently out—they eventually return. That is, the development of abilities and the goal of all spiritual states is to make it possible, from this level, to be achievable by the person’s desire and will, but they are not in it constantly.