Sacred Music - Angelic Voice

This audio is working like the previous language series. It will install the whole sacred music knowledge in your subconscious and you will start to feel more the music as it is and also you will be more sensitive to the sounds in your life. Audio will make connections with you and the energetical structures in the Universe that make all the great music, angelic or God music so called. If you ever feel in your life how your heart opens when you hear some music, that is the sacred music feeling - made with love! If you are a musician or you just love to sing, this audio will help you a lot to create this harmonical masterpiece.


so just singing correct? not musical instruments per chance? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m grateful either way tho.


No musical instruments, but knowledge and a sense of how to create harmonical music. It has a really big difference who creates it and what intention. When you start to sensing more the music with your whole body you can feel that.



Can we get plant kingdom or nature maybe?

As a musical artist and singer I am very grateful to you.
I have a totally vivid imagination when it comes to songwriting, but it is always possible to evolve! For weeks now I have been looking forward to a rebirth in terms of my constant creative inspiration. I will use it, thank you very much for remembering the musicians.


You give us life to our souls, thank you! :love_letter:


So I mean, I mostly pair a round of this up with a round of vocal cords and just sing a little whenever the desire to do so becomes a thing

Or mostly this and listen to stuff a little, or idk, but here’s the thing

Gumroad version I swear is like

First off if I’ve been underestimating the difference in strength between non-gumroad and gumroad versions then I think this means I need to retry some others like millionaire/entrepreneur/responsibility & action but in gumroad form (or well at least entrepreneur and millionaire since I’ve got the doer which if I’m not mistaken has responsibility in it which is yay)

Second off like yeah its making a big enough difference to say its worth pointing out

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wait… what?