Picto Healing

I request a topic to heal anything a person , animals what ever just by playing a field infront of the photo of loved ones or whoever we want to heal …just by playing the field of healing or any field we want to send may be for luck …wishes or anything for the higher good of person through his photo…So it would not be necessary for it to listen …and one more benefit…even at any distance it can be healed …



That’s a bad idea! You can’t heal anyone this way without asking them. or can’t send any other energy this way, this is called manipulation. anyway if you do this to someone you will get their illnesses/karma to you. always remember if something is happening to someone it is their individual lesson to them and there are reasons for it to happen. you may not be aware of it but there is a reason for the suffering and the lesson for the individual.

However, we may try something with this idea to give people the ability to heal themselves.


this looks interesting :smiley:


What’s the reason for this if people are extremely unconscious and unaware 99.5% of their lives and motives?

They may be even unaware of their own illness, or in most cases the cause of it (which can be multiple).

Seems like a harsh and arbitrary punishment for someone that does not know what is even happening.

i think because people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and always being dependent on other views that’s why :smiley: the irony is they don’t even question anything and blindly living the life of matrix lol :smiley: nodody wants to learn anything but when shit happens to them then blame God :blush:

The entire fabric of our identities was given by context, not choice.

For example, would you blame a cannibal for being cannibal that was born in a cannibal tribe that kills and eats any person that do not belong to the tribe? How does karma work there if the person truly believes that killing and eating others is the right thing to do?

In that case, where is responsibility there if everything the person believes and strives for was given by context?

The main problem, I believe, is that the unconscious rules apply to what we understand by “responsibility”, “justice” or “God” because it was given and not inherent to us from birth.

Karma is viewed as punishment because for thousands of years here on Earth false information has been given to people and they become “victim” of a lie, which is actually not just an ordinary lie, but one that builds their whole world, beliefs, convictions.

Many people are just beginning to awaken and many healers, shamans and other therapists are working to break down the conditioning and delusion in man. It will probably take many years until one can feel and experience one’s original love, power, and essence. This also applies to the healers themselves, who, in order to help other people, have already faced very difficult problems with themselves and have cured some of them, and continue to struggle with others.

I digressed a little from the starting topic about karma. The solution to so-called karma is learning a lesson, seeing repressed emotions, seeing the false beliefs that are created by the collective consciousness or traumatic experiences, or healing ancestor’s topics (if the person has taken their loads). Some people are given/allowed to resolve their karma and some are not. At least not in this life. Prayers offered with a full heart and intention to God help a lot with removing serious karmic problems.

Here I will give very important information: One’s karma manifests itself when he lives unconsciously and tries to escape responsibility / not participate in his life consciously / take it easy. (Not in all cases, but in most). This is the way suffering is made to make a person apply more good qualities and develop virtues, behave well with other people, as well as first of all with himself. For example, I can guarantee 100% for any person who wants to try this technique, which I will give in a moment, that if he does it for 30 days every day, his life will improve in all areas - health, relationships, work, etc.

When you go out bless every person you meet with what you feel is good for them. If you don’t have feelings, you can make a prayer that the Universe gives him what he needs and is according to his will. Or the easiest thing: sending pure unconditional love without expecting anything from that person.

If someone is poor - he should wish other people to be wealthy.
If someone is ill - he should wish other people perfect health.
If someone is lonely - he should wish other people love and ideal relationships.

This is the fastest way I have found to break the karmic patterns as they are given to improve one’s character. It’s not a coincidence if someone was born a cannibal or something else which is accepted as “bad”. When the environment does not allow any change and the person is trapped in the place he is in, it is an extreme degree of last chance or redemption through experience. At the moment this does not apply to modern countries, but it applies in full force to those that are often called the “third world”.

Behind every case of suffering, there is a person who should put effort into his character so he can release the things that are holding him back, and preventing him from creating his desired reality.


i am sorry but this is so lame :smiley: my guess is you will learn the hard way i have seen many people who were giving example like this to feed their ego 'karma" doesn’t exist and now they believe in it haha :smiley:

I do believe such things exist but I am trying to question the issue so I don’t fall into shallow assumptions.

By presenting such arguments it helps to understand problems in a more complex way.

Take religious people for example, they do not question their ideas and they just solidify them.

That doesn’t help to evolve spiritually.

i agree with this one people should question everything and then reach where they should be :smiley:

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@Maitreya This part is not clear to me, could you elaborate more Maitreya? Does it mean that if I see someone in a situation of poverty, I should wish them wealth? Or that if I am alone should I wish relationships to others? Also, one last question, why is this so effective?Thank you.

I guess it is because consciousness is collective and does not belong to an individual.

By praying for others you are deconstructing your individual illusion based in low vibration and accessing high vibration collective consciousness.

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