Permanency of Field

How long does it take for the physical field / audio to have permanent effect? e.g lungs restoration or hazel eyes or green eyes or skin whitening.

Once I get the results do I need to listen for a certain period of time or can I stop listening?


i’m not certain but I would assume that once you have results for something like the eye fields is that it would be permanent and you wouldn’t have to keep using it but maybe someone else can chime in.


I think that all health audios give permanent results, for example lung restoration, when the damage is eliminated they will not come back because you just stopped listening to the audio. Poor diet and habits can bring new damage, but this is a completely different story.


Normally the fields for changes or physical healing usually take longer to take effect, for this type of field so that its effect was permanent I think that more or less the time would be about 3 to 6 months, it also all depends on the person, some will affect them faster and others slower,


Are the results permanent when listening to any audio (physical, emotional, spiritual)? How many times do we listen before they become permanent?
do we need to continuously keep listening to keep up the change? i.e change eye color, attraction audios etc

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in the description of the audios they will say how long the affects last, if it doesnt I would assume that means its permanent. some people see results in 1-2 weeks, some less some more. 2-3x a video a day. there’s more in the faq section

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some have permanent results and other temporary