Average duration/half-life of effect (physical fields)

Just wondering if anyone has an idea how long field is supposed to do it’s thing in you after you stop listening. Especially the physical ones like aesthetic and Hercules. To put another way, if the half-life of one lasts about a half hour or so then it’d probably be best to start another at least after that so that way the lingering effects don’t get canceled out by the next one? Thanks :pray:

Many of the fields will list in the description how long the effect lasts, but on average it’s commonly anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Generally, if the description doesn’t say otherwise, expect to use the field daily.

Don’t worry about fields conflicting with each other. Maitreya designs them intelligently enough that this isn’t really a concern.


So if I use too many in a day might the effects dull down since the the aura needs time recharge(as I understand it)?