This is another one of those posts about patreon, I’ve been trying to subscribe to patreon for over a year now, all because of the stupid policies in my country where I can’t use most of the normal methods to make a purchase and I don’t have one international card. Brazilian paypal no longer allows reais to be converted into dollars, I’ve already lost my money using schemes that didn’t work, I mean it’s definitely not lost, but in other accounts where I can’t make the withdrawal. In the previous post, pre-made cards were suggested to me, but the person himself said that maybe some don’t work! I can’t spend my money on things that might not work right now as I’m in a delicate financial situation. I really need to subscribe to patreon, mainly because of some new releases, please Maitreya, I know it’s not your fault, but wouldn’t you be able to come up with some easier method for people who live in more complicated places? Like a ticket or something like that? I can pay interest or whatever it takes.

You can reach out to patreon for the same they may would be able to help you.

If I use someone else’s card to subscribe to patreon, will I still be recognized as the owner?

not a Mod , but i believe it should work if you do it like this,

use your own email
pay the person you are borrowing the card from with cash

then use his card to subscribe to patreon

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it should work, however, you must be authorized to use the card of the other person, if not then it is highly likely that the field will identify this as a fraud. So, make sure to get permission and authorization from the card owner.

That’s exactly what I thought.

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Of course, it’s nothing illegal lol, I’ll see if it’s possible.