Joint buying Patreon Exclusive

Me and my friend shared money and bought the patreon Exclusive subscription together when we realised it’s gonna shutdown soon. Will that still work on both of us? We share the same account. Well she paid tier 2 whole amount and then we shared money to buy tier 3. And we both downloaded the files from the platform itself. Are we safe? I know it doesn’t work in case of gumroad or store DMs. But is it also the same for patreon? Will it still work? Or this too has bloodline protection?

It’s linked by email, not money. If you used two different emails, then it’s fine but one person won’t be able to use fields for Tier3. You are not blood-related. If you have one account, then only the person who owns the email will get the benefits. Send an email to with the name of the person who needs to be added to the bloodline. In this case, we can solve this issue this way.



@Polaris How do I know if it’s done? Will I get an email response?

Yes, we will let you know once it’s done :slight_smile: