New uploads / updated versions

I see a lot of people asking the same requests regarding the new uploads/updated fields… so hopefully @Maitreya can answer them here.

  1. Will the the versions that are being uploaded to YouTube also be made available on Patreon?
  2. If we already have the “older” Patreon versions, have those been automatically updated to be stronger?
  3. If we purchased them on Gumroad or the Maitreya website, do they need to be re-downloaded or are they automatically updated?

She answered this…


Just a curiosity.

If Patreon and Gumroad versions can be automatically updated without needing re-download, won’t the same be possible for YT versions also, without needing to take down old audio and re-upload a new version?

Or the reason for re-upload is different - such as music change, graphics change, or some YT policy?


This is entirely my guess, but if you’re on Sapien’s group, remember right before he released the Book of Cards, he boosted the energies of the sigils and mandalas from his older book, without anyone needing to redownload them.

i think updating the Youtube videos is just for users who aren’t on the forum to know that she updated the fields

I could be wrong, but the cards in the book are stronger than the ones posted on Instagram (I think that’s what people said?)

Yes, they are. But I meant he boosted the ones from his older book, Dreamweaver Card System. I felt a slight boost from before he did that and after. Still his newer book was even stronger or else very few people would buy it lol

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I will make announcement when everything is done.