Monthly Lucky Draw πŸŽ‰

Hello everyone :wave:

Today we are very excited to announce that we are going to launch Monthly Lucky Draw :tada: where everyone can participate and get a chance to win a digital field of your choice worth $100 :confetti_ball: the winner can choose any digital field from the store, audios or digital mandala worth $100 for free, yes absolutely free :sparkles:

So, how to participate?

  • A lucky draw thread will be created for each month on the 15th of every month
  • You will be asked to pick a number between 1-100 ( numbers can be changed )
  • Reply to that thread with your number, the rule is you can only pick two numbers (ex: 64 and 14) ( This rule can be changed )
  • End of the month on the 30th, the winner will be picked using the ( screen will be recorded while picking the winner and will be posted on the thread with the video and winner name.

Keep in mind you can only participate with your original account if more than one account is used for participation your all account will be suspended.

We hope you all will enjoy and will participate in the upcoming Lucky Draw’s :sparkles: :smiley:

Thank you!


Very nice

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Wait… oh okay… Very good indeed. Glad I own every Luck field known in existence hehe.


But so does everyone else here…



I’ve never won a Sapien draw, maybe Maitreya will be more lucky for me lol

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What an absolutely splendid idea! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and generosity :blush:

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