Maybe I should stop listening to whitening skin field

I started listening to the whitening skin field 2 weeks ago and I was curious about how white it can make me 'cause I’m light brown so I asked maitreya if it can make me as white as koreans and he/she said that I should get the manifestation book for that. I was disappointed that the field can’t give me the result I want and I dont have the funds to get that book.
What do you guys think? Should I continue with the field and get whatever result I can get from it or stop and look for something else
And I would like to know if anyone has gotten results from this field

Cuz what are you expecting is too much imo. Koreans are white cuz of genetics…not only Koreans but most asians are…Other than that it’s mostly cuz of their plastic surgery trend…so it’s made by chemical rather than being original. So if you are trying be like that then I don’t think it will help you to achive it. You would need something in bigger level to make changes from core that’s why she asked to buy that…but my personal suggestion is don’t obsess with any race or people. Try being best version of yourself instead…